Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nova Development provisdes search engine optimization services to make your website come alive. A great looking website without great content is the equivalent of a paperweight...It doesn't do much. When you couple well-thought out content and a great website, you have the potential to attract customers that you would not otherwise.

Local Search Marketing Services

Nova Development can help your business target customers in specific areas. A website that has been optimized for local searches, you will reach the demographics you want. With traditional marketing, advertising is done in a blanket approach and it's hard to tell if your message is getting to the people you need it to. We can help you get your message across and reach those who need it to hear it.

SEO Business Consulting

Has your website been optimized in the past? We offer consulting for businesses who want a third party to review their existing SEO to insure your website is performing at an optimal level. Our SEO analysts will work with your existing website to make sure it is built properly and your content is written so that it will rank as high as possible with Google.

SEO Content Copywriting

No one knows your business better than you do. How you convey your message online is vital to converting potential customers into paying customers. We have a team of expert technical writers who specialize in getting the message across on a digital platform. We will communicate with you during the intial stages of design to understand your business' message and write it in a way that is SEO and user friendly.

Featured Work

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