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Development time is dependent on a few factors. A typical three to five page brochure website may take anywhere from four to eight weeks. If you want a content management system (CMS) to update your website once it has been completed, then that adds complexity and development time. If you require a data-heavy web application, additional development time will most likely be required. We estimate time for planning, development, testing, revisions, and project deployment. There are a few things you can do to speed up the development process. If you are providing images and text to us, send them to us as soon as possible. If we can get the project assets upfront, then we can turn the project over to you faster.

Website pricing can vary based on several factors. A three page brochure website for a small business requires less development work than a seventy five page enterprise application. We will evaluate your business needs and craft a solution that fits your budget. We provide a detailed time & cost estimate for each of our projects.

We have several Content Management Systems (CMS) that we like and use often. Depending on the project, we will recommend a CMS that fits your needs. We typically use a custom CMS built on the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Pattern. We also use WordPress & Expression Engine. Most of our clients have heard about WordPress as it is the most popular CMS platform today. Our clients love how easy is it is to work with. If you can use Microsoft Word or send emails, then any of our CMS should be easy to learn and use on your website.

Absolutely. We prefer designing custom websites over pre-made templates (although we can still use a template if you wish). Your business is unique and we feel your website should reflect that.

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